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Be Water, My Friends

We will be water, we will be river, we will be the same dance.

We may have no shape, but we may also have the same shape.

We will be different, but we will be also the same.

We will be separated, but we will be together. I

f you put the water in a cup, the water becomes the cup.

If you put water into a dance, the water becomes the dance.

Water can flow, water can crash .

Be water, my friends.


May a club be considered an entire habitat of diversity? You are all called to join the experience of this dance floor. Traditional hypnotic steps from the Italian golden age of the so-called Balera, crash into our present daily life, to celebrate the dancefloor as a habitat of diversity. The dance performed by people of different ages and biographies becomes a safe place for expression and coexistence.


Premiere: July 2021 | Santarcangelo Festival

Choreographer, performance: Mara Oscar Cassiani

Performance: Be Waters Collective

Production: Santarcangelo Festival

Coproduction: BE PART



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