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Barbara Lehtna (1990) is a theatre maker and performer from Estonia, currently based in Riga, Latvia. Her artistic processes have been primarily focused on exploring self-representation and expression of queer and female bodies within the liminal post-Soviet spaces. Barbara's works are built upon an cross-disciplinary approach to working within different performance practices such as theatre, opera, and dance. Her processes are often inquiring into personal archives, everydayness, and humor. In 2021 she graduated with an MA degree in Performance Practices from ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands and she will start her artistic research fellowship in the upcoming autumn of 2024 at Amsterdam University of Arts as a part of the DAS THIRD Cycle Research Group. 

Through the years, Barbara has had a chance to work with such renowned artists as Doris Uhlich, Julian Hetzel, and Chris Kondek among others, which has led Barbara to distinguish her own style of inquisitive performance which emerges in a variety of settings. Barbara will start her artistic research fellowship 


Barbara believes that art should be intimate and
always political.

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