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Barbara Lehtna (1990) has worked as an artist for eight years of which five years she has been devoting to making her own work. In 2021 she graduated from MA studies in Performance Practices at ArtEZ University of Arts in the Netherlands. In the same year, she was chosen as one of the artists for the European Network of BePart (Art Beyond Participation).

Her research topics consist of the female gaze, and queerness in post-Soviet society, which is often met with her interests in care ethics and personal archives. Her practice is built upon an interdisciplinary approach to different performance practices such as theatre, live art, and dance.

Through the years, Barbara has had a chance to work with such renowned artists as Doris Uhlich, Julian Hetzel, and Chris Kondek among others, which has led Barbara to distinguish her own style of inquisitive performance which emerges in a variety of settings.


Barbara believes that art should be intimate and
always political.

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