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Together Forever

TOGETHER FOREVER examines the different love languages of the “generation of freedom”, born in the same year as the country they live in. The work seeks to untangle the phrase “together forever”, coined by the different genres of Western pop culture, in the context of teenagehood in an Eastern-European society.


The modern ideas of (queer) relationships are investigated by finding the balance between the three performers, of whom half identify as queer. Semi-autobiographic material of the performers pushes forward the content of the piece which finds its form in camp aesthetics.


Premiere: May 2019 | Independent Dance Stage, Estonia

Director: Barbara Lehtna

Dramaturg: Katrina Duka

Movement director: Hanna Junti

Performers: Minna-Triin Kohv, Kaido Torn, Johan Elm


"Three characters - two men and one woman - are twirling in a love triangle. They begin their journey in wedding dresses and go through a whirlwind of peeling their layers until some kind of ecstasy and happy freedom. Personal has again turned into political and nothing.. nothing is more personal about how we feel and who we want. The political decisions follow the ideas of who has the right to say what are we allowed to do in our own private lives. Lehtna doesn't hurt or rage as you might think when reading my words - it is a beautiful, lyrical, and explicitly composed peace."

Jürgen Rooste

06.05 2019




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