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So Who Will Remember Me in the End?

The question posed in the title of this work derives from a moment when I started to think about my own death. Or actually about what comes after me. After all, we all have people who are not with us anymore. Or are they? In our memories? But what if we remember them differently than they actually were? What were their voices like? Or how did their skin smell? What made them laugh? I feel it’s as much a political responsibility as an intimate act of kindness to decide who and how we choose to remember. Therefore, I’m looking for people who would be willing to remember me as an act of kindness. Do you think it could be you?


In SO WHO WILL REMEMBER ME IN THE END??? Lehtna looks into how can collective agency be shared amongst strangers in the example of taking responsibility for someone else’s identity. The performance is preceded by Lehtna meeting three volunteer participants for exactly one hour in order for them to become the keepers of her identity. During the hour the participants have a right to tell her what could she do in order to be remembered by them for as long as possible. Soon after the three participants are asked to go on stage where they are being asked questions about Lehtna’s identity in front of an audience who has not met Lehtna and does not have an image of her. With time the stakes are raised, and the questions tend to get more personal and intimate, putting more pressure on the performers who have been trusted with the responsibility of caring for Lehtna.


Premiere 21.04 2022, Gertrudes Ielas Teatris | May 2022 Paide Theatre

Produced by Gertrudes Ielas Teatris, Latvia | Paide Theatre, Estonia

Makers: Barbara Lehtna, Linda Krumina, Pauline Kalnina, Katrina Duka, Maria Paiste
Performers: Local communities

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