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Seismic Sessons

Premiere: August 2017 ImPulzTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival

Produced by: Impulztanz & insert (Theaterverein)

Choreography: Doris Uhlich

Sound: Boris Kopeinig

Outside eye: Yoshie Maruoka & Theresa Rauter

Feedback space/costume: Dieter Nicks

Dancers: Barbara Lehtna,Pêdra Costa, Ewa Dziarnowska, Christina Gazi, Aleksandar Georgiev, Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir, Lilach Livne & Ellen Soderhult

Producers: Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnig



Doris Uhlich develops – together with DJ Boris Kopeinig – a Seismic Session: a visual, acoustic and fleshy setting for the scaffolding constructed for renovation works at the Secession. A choreography of building, melting and parasitical cohabitation of the famous art nouveau building’s skin.

The vertical becomes a stage for the performance in which the scaffolding has the appearance of a skeleton and the performers appear as living flesh.

Considering the history of the Secession, the ornamental and, at the same time, energetic choreography of the naked performers is an extension of the building’s history in space and time.

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