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In SAUNA Barbara Lehtna looks into the paradox of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) transforming a young society, that’s still in the midst of finding its own identity in the context of culture wars in social media. The ever-increasing engagement with the digital transformation of human conduct is probed through participatory performance where the audience has the possibility to decide who they would “marry, fuck or kill”. However, each decision has physical consequences on the wellbeing of the performers on stage which helps to examine how is responsibility and agency shared in different processes of participatory democracy.


SAUNA is an interactive computer game played on stage and on the screen each night with an accelerated tempo of an anonymous chat room.


Premiere: November 2018 | KUMU Art Museum, Estonia

Produced by: Sten Õitspuu | Electronic God

Performers: Jim Ashilevi, Rene Köster, Kaido Torn, Minna-Triin Kohv

Dramaturgical consultant: Katrina Duka

Scenography: Kaitlin Pirnpuu
Sound: Kenn Eerik Kannike
Video: Ragnar Markus

Software designers: Kert Ojasoo, Kristin Erala



The party is happening already when the audience enters the room. "Sauna" is a dance piece with a tempo, where the movement has as much weight if not more than words. Movement takes you in, as both the director Barbara Lehtna and one of the performers, Rene Köster, have a strong dance background.

Andrei Liimets

16.11. 2018



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