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The Patterns of Light

The multi-media performance "Patterns of Light" will tell a contemporary story about where modern Latvians find strength, and about the cultural breath that Latvians receive from the previous generations. The work will translate the past into a performative present that is performed for future generations. "Patterns of Light" is dedicated to the next century in Latvia and to the people who will live during the next 100 years. The performance creates a multicultural environment that brings together traditional Latvian lore in the light of traditions and folklore, but also an open and global cultural space that includes art in the broadest sense of the word. In musical, spatial, and content terms, a vivid world is created in which the main role is played by Latvia's environment and the way in which people perceive and live with it.


Premiere January 2018 | The National Library of Latvia

Produced by: Latvijas Koncert

Director: Viesturs Meikšans

Set design: Voldemars Johansons

Conductor: Kaspars Putninš

Music: Janis Šipkevics and Martinš Vilums
Lyrics: Latvian folksongs and by Ilmars Šlapins

Performers: Janis Šipkevics, Mikelis Putninš, Asnate Rancane, Guntars Pranis, Ieva Nimane, Anda Eglite, Samira Adgezalova, Ruta Ronja Pakalne, Daniela Vetra, Barbara Lehtna, Maris Portugalis, Aviks Parkurs, Latvian Radio Choir



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