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Obstacle - Sculpting Fear

A series of public interventions that create a rupture in the accelerated flow of city life. They propose a temporary countermodel by creating interference through a standstill. Obstacle is based on a very simple proposition: people lying on the floor.

With a group of about 10 local performers, a series of images, body arrangements, and compositions are created in the public space. These images are a challenge for security and public order since they generate an obstacle within the pulse of functional streets. Idleness, standstill, and deliberate collapse are responses to progress, growth, and acceleration.


Everything is under control.


Tallinn Premiere: May 2016 | donaufestival

Produced by: Spring Performing Arts Festival, The Netherlands  | Vaba Lava, Estonia

Director: Julian Hetzel

Dramaturg: Miguel Angel Melgares

Movement Development: Eva Susova, Miri Lee

Performers: Eva Susova, Barbara Lehtna, Laura Kvelstein, Helina Karvak, Jaanika Arum, Age Ploom, Arvo Sailev, Eve Kukk, Kaire Kasetalu,



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