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Queereeoké is a project born out of love for a good show, singing, and bonding over a night full of self-expression.  The drag artists on stage are using the format of karaoke to redefine a fabulous party night with self-empowerment by blurring the lines of audience and artist, but also to provide a space where expressive queerness is central and real – and not a marketing gag. Singing songs the way you want, queering them, appropriating mainstream culture, raising your voice, becoming audible and visible – those moments are vital and revolutionary for many. It is a practice for life outside the safe venue.


Riga Premiere: September 2022 |  International Festival of Contemporary Theatre HOMO NOVUS

Co-production by: Kampnagel, Germany

Performers: Danny Banany, Dancing Sven, Scout Wolffe, SerGey Pistol (Barbara Lehtna), Sasha Love (Katrina Duka), Timmy (Metra Saberova)



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