“Together forever” 2019 Independent Dance Stage Tallinn

Director: Barbara Lehtna Dramaturgy: Katrīna Dūka Movement director: Hanna Junti Performers: Kaido Torn, Johan Elm, Minna-Triin Kohv Technical support: Marko Odar Supported by: Kultuurkapital, MASSIA, Estonia Spa Hotels

Is it possible to love forever? To dedicate yourself to someone forever, to indulge forever, to take someone forever? Would it be okay for you to be together forever?

The stage team consists of people born in the ’90s, whose childhood took place in a whole other kind of time, that was embodied by Meg Ryans, who always died in the end of every romantical comedy and by Nicholas Cage’s who stole cars for love and where it was more than clear that the poor character would definitely get rich and find their true love by episode 232. We feel that our adult lives differ from that time significantly and that’s why we would like to ask how has love and loving and being loved changed now when relationships have turned into moments on Tinder and where there are often more kilometers between lovers than kisses.

Barbara Lehtna’s new piece untangles the phrase “together forever” coined by pop-culture and researches how much truth is there to the concept that we familiarized ourselves within our childhoods, but that turned into an overwhelming dream in our teenage years to change into something that doesn’t feel that possible anymore.

“SAUN” 2018 KUMU

Director: Barbara Lehtna Actors: Jim Ashilevi, Rene Köster, Kaido Torn, Minna-Triin Kohv Dramaturgical consultant: Katrina Duka Scenography: Kaitlin Pirnpuu Sound: Kenn-Eerik Kannike Video: Ragnar Markus Lights: Rommi Ruttas IT: Kert Ojasoo, Kristin Erala Production: Johanna-Mai Riismaa, Sten Õitspuu

I’m online daily. My mind leaves the body in order to be reborn in a carefully curated databody – pictures of a vacation in Puerto Rico, ironic bursts towards mass media, spreading liberal ideas on politics – long live the minorities and stop eating meat. Like, comment, like.

I feel that my sense of reality is twisted. My soul runs free, but the body feels left behind in submission. When was the last time I touched someone? It’s like there’s a strange membrane between me and rest of the people – it seems transparent but it’s not. People can look inside, but it is really hard for me to see who is on the outside and sometimes it doesn’t even matter as long as someone is there. Sometimes it gets so hot under the surface that I feel like I’m going to run out of oxygen. It feels like I’m trapped in a sauna. Someone else is in control of the temperature and I’m just there, covering my ears with palms of my hands, waiting for the heat to drop. Because with the heat comes purification, right?

Barbara Lehtna’s performance “THE SAUNA” is a choreography of sharp ideas full of determination, presence and response of the human body. The stage is set for movement, sound and visuals to merge into a narrative that examines the modern understanding of vunerability and the sense of life in the midst of our digital revolution.

“XX” 2018 FashionPerformanceDance Series Estonian Fashion Festival Tartu Higher Art University Pallas

Director: Barbara Lehtna Lights: Oliver Kulpsoo Video: Roland Seer Scenography: Madis Liplap and the students of Tartu Higher Artuniversity Producing: Kairi Lentsius and the students of Tartu Higher Artuniversity

FashionDancePerformance series is a unique fashionshow in the sense that it connects artsy fashion to dance, performance arts and theatre. Every year an emerging young Estonian theatredirector is chosen to link everything that was mentioned before to create a solid yet original whole. “With echoes of Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadisches Ballet or Merce Cunningham and Rei Kawakubo’s Scenario, MPT was a spectacle of unbridled creativity and collaboration, very punk in its delivery, commanding the audience’s full attention.” – Mairi Hare, Sourcebook

“Untitled: F” 2018 Pärnu Urban Space

Author: Barbara Lehtna Outside eye: Kaido Torn Thank you: everybody who was filmed or recorded

“Coram Publico” 2018 Tallinn Dancespace / Tallinn Urban Space 

Authors: Barbara Lehtna, Stephanie Felber (GER) Dancers: Barbara Lehtna, Iiris Viirpalu, Karmen Ong, Outi Elena (FIN)

„CORAM PUBLICIO“ is a performance-intervention about everyday interaction rituals in public space. An urban choreography, in the form of public interventions during different time slots, each on two days at different locations in the public space in Tallinn. The movements engaged in this project, are primarily those arising from observations in the everyday urban interspaces like passages, plattforms, crossroads..

The Team generates a space in which temporarily the boundary between the performer, the viewer and the passer-by seems to disappear, and in which different ways of perception at different levels can be experienced. At the same time physical details from interaction ritual chains, whose variations in public space can be transformed appear more other-worldly than normal daily movement patterns, and thereby they can change the atmosphere and the situation.

Photos: Diana Unt

“Gaismas Raksti / Patterns of Light” 2018 Riga National Library

Director: Viesturs Meikšāns Dancers: Barbara Lehtna, Samira Adgezalova, Rūta Ronja Pakalne, Daniela Vētra, Māris Portugālis, Aviks Parkūrs Extras: 40 Latvians Conductor: Kaspars Putniņš Music: Jānis Šipkēvics, Mārtiņš Viļums Choir: Latvian Radio Choir Set design: Voldemārs Johansons Producer: Latvian Concert, Katrīna Dūka

The multi-media performance “Patterns of Light” will tell a contemporary story about where modern Latvians an find strength, about our country in which we create every living moment, and about the cultural breath that we receive from previous generations and translate it into a modern tone that we present to our children.

“Help-help, there’s a monster under my bed?!” 2017

Director/sound: Barbara Lehtna Actor/Scenography: Kaido Torn

“Help-help, there’s a monster under my bed” is a visual-theatre performance meant for kids, who like magic happenings, amazing adventures and nightly happenings. Both means of puppet- and physicaltheatre are being used on stage to give a visual experience both to kids and also to adults, who are willing to leave their adult-thinking behind the door for one evening.

“TOGETHER FOREVER” 2017 Tallinn/Pärnu/Tartu Urban Spaces

Author: Barbara Lehtna Thank you: Ant Hampton/Christophe Meierhans

I don’t know what’s the genre of this piece. I mean it’s a thing… Maybe a choreography of thoughts? A glitch in your everyday life? Maybe something else? I don’t know. We’re talking about sad lovestories. Ten, to be exact. About ten stories that started out with people falling in love and feeling that they will be together forever. Then stories, where people didn’t stay together forever.

These stories are hanged up in the public space. The audience has a right to read these stories. A right, not an obligation.

There are three ways to encounter this piece. Number one: you look for the first story and it will lead you to the next one, the second one will lead you to the third one and so on. The other option is to act the same way, but listening to an audio file (downloadable on this very same homepage) after every lovestory. The third option is to read the stories from this webpage.

I wish you a good dose of someone else’s drama.

“Seismic Session” 2017 ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival

Choreography Doris Uhlich Dancers Barbara Lehtna, Pêdra Costa, Ewa Dziarnowska, Christina Gazi, Aleksandar Georgiev, Andrea Gunnlaugsdóttir, Lilach Livne & Ellen Soderhult. DJ Boris Kopeinig Outside Eye Yoshie Maruoka & Theresa Rauter Feedback Space/Costume Dieter Nicks Production Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnigg

Choreographer and this year’s ImPulsTanz festival’s danceWEB mentor Doris Uhlich develops – together with DJ Boris Kopeinig – a Seismic Session: a visual, acoustic and fleshy setting for the scaffolding constructed for renovation works at the Secession. A choreography of building, melting and parasitical cohabitation of the famous art nouveau building’s skin.

Photo credit:(c) eSeL.at – Lorenz Seidler

“Dancing with Sillamäe” 2017 Residency at Sillamäe

In residency: Barbara Lehtna, Kaido Torn

“Impossible you say. Totally possible, says Sillamäe” Anonymous street art at Sillamäe

We danced with Sillamäe and Sillamäe danced with us. The topics of the residency were dance, video and connecting the two without getting lost in the process.

“Distinguishing marks” 2017 Vaba Lava

Directors: Chris Kondek, Christiane Kühl Dramaturgy: Piret Jaaks Actors : Barbara Lehtna, Roland Laos IT-specialists: Taavet Jansen, Helen Kask

In a series of lectures and performances created during the last five years, Berlin performance duo Chris Kondek and Christiane Kühl have been investigating the theatrical aspects of our new digital environments. It is therefore only natural that Estonia, and its digital doppelgänger e-Estonia should be the site of their next work, “Distinguishing Marks”. Working together with a team of Estonian Artists (Piret Jaaks, Taavet Jansen, Helen Kask, Barbara Lehtna and Roland Laos), Kondek and Kühl have been in Estonia researching the spookier sides of e-society; from the birth of the digital in the timeless Estonian swamps/bogs to the mysterious existence of something called The Invisible E-State. They will present the dark results of their research in a performance using a rich mixture of methods, videos, sounds, presentation styles and analogue apps. The performance will be woven around the nearly true stories of a failed e-Resident Entrepreneur and a lost and lonely traveller careening out of control on the mythical x-road. E-Estonia is, as the branding tells us, the place where the Future in Now. But what kind of future is this exactly? And if it is already happening, what is to expect from tomorrow?

Photo credit: Mats Õun


“Habitat” 2017 Donaufestival / Krems (AT)

Choreography: Doris Uhclich Sound: Boris Kopeinig Lights: Gerald Pappenberger Production: Theresa Rauter & Christine Sbaschnigg Dancers: Barbara Lehtna, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez, Uwe Brauns Eyal Bromberg, Zinzi Rosa Buchanan, Manuela Calleja, Pêdra Costa, Ewa Dziarnowska, Anna Friedrich, Christina Gazi, Alexandar Georgiev, Andrea Júlía Gunnlaugsdóttir, Lotta Maaria Halinen, Christina Hurt, Boris Kopeinig, Louis Labadens, Hugo Le Brigand, Lilach Livne, Milan Loviska, Aloun, Marchal, Raúl Márquez, Yoshie Maruoka, Andrius Mulokas, Mzamo Nondlwana, Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Johanna Pauer, Yali Rivlin, Vera Rosner-Nógel, Lyllie Rouviere, Roni Sagi, Grete Smitaite, Ulla Stahlstadt, Julischka Stengele, Doris Uhlich, Christina Vivenz, Werner Vockenhuber, Brigitte Weinberger, Johannes Zits

Being naked doesn’t mean you have to feel naked. The “more than naked” ensemble, founded in 2013 around Doris Uhlich, operates in a realm beyond the dichotomy of gawking/gawked at and pays no mind to shame or actionist provocation. Instead, Uhlich creates choreographed free spaces and immerses herself in refined rituals for human flesh that doesn’t want to play hide-and-seek anymore. On two days in Krems about 30 performers will occupy the monumental Dominican Church, which was already secularised in 1786, and transform it into a habitat full of unimagined life forms. The horde celebrates their unity in the diversity. They do not obey the imperatives of the sex market economy and aren’t ashamed to bring wrinkles and love handles into the picture. The image is a literal and a social movement. The dancers play with the metaphor of infection: One quivers, the other tremors. Sweating and gasping. Impulses twitch, energies invisible yet perceptible. The space becomes a social body, “there’s vibes in the air”.

“Mana” 2017 Estonian National Museum (ERM, Tartu) MoodPerformanceTants

Director: Barbara Lehtna Stage: Kaido Torn Lights: Oliver Kulpsoo Video: Mari-Ann Markus The team: Kairi Lentsius, Marta Tuulberg, Liisbet Järviste, Siret Ott, Anita Trink, Gerda Niitvähi, Ipi Ilves, Jane Aus, Gretel Persidski On stage: Gertha Teidla-Kunitsõn, Rainer Ott, 82 other performers

In the beginning there was darkness. You didn’t reckognize yourself nor the place you discovered yourself…

You looked at your hands, feet and trembling body and the only idea in your head was if all of this was a dream and if it was, how to wake up from it. You pinched yourself, but it didn’t help. But.. are you even asleep? Maybe, all of this is real life and everything else you remember, was a dream? Maybe this is the end of your old life and a new awakening?

Photo credit: Toomas-Vahur Lihtmaa, Viivi Järve, Signe Milkov

“The stories of migration” 2017 Vaba Lava (Tallinn)/Pärnu Urban Space

Director: Barbara Lehtna The team: Terje Tamm, Kaido Torn, Kaspar Kast, Laura Jamsja, Anu Juurma-Saks

Migration (also travelling) is a permanent change of residence. Migration is seen as physical motion of people from one place to another, sometimes within huge groups and long distances / Wikipedia

We travel a lot. With cheap airplane tickets to warm places, we travel with boats to go and work somewhere else, and we travel from the country side to the city. We go away to hopefully return someday. We get talked about a lot – in newspapers, essays and P.H.D thesis papers. We get interviewed and we get asked about how we feel about leaving, where is our home and what is our nationality.

We are the phenomenons of our time – so they say.

But they don’t talk about the others so much. the ones who stay. We call them “the ones who stay”. They stay and in the end they stop waiting. We become strangers and if it has happened, it’s hard to change it. They are mothers, fathers, women, wives, kids and friends. They are the ones buried six feet under and growing into young trees without us seeing it.


“The stories of migration” is an urban installation-performance, based on the saying that every Estonian has somebody who has left Estonia. The installation-performance constists of illuminated statues, that transmit interviews done with Estonian people. These interviews are the stories of going, coming and staying. These stories are the stories of migration.

„Liikumise lood“ on urbanistlik linnainstallatsioon, mis baseerub ütlusel, et igal eestlasel on keegi, kes on ära läinud. Installatsioon koosneb 13st linnaruumi paigutatud valgustatud inimkujust, mis edastavad intervjuusid, mis on tehtud tavaliste Eesti inimestega. Need on minemise ja jäämise lood, need on liikumise lood.

Sponsors: Pärnu Linn, Vaba Lava, Eskaro, Espak, Balsnack

Photo credit: Olev Luik

“Men are dancing with the sea” 2016 Vana-Pärnu sea front

Director: Barbara Lehtna Choreographers: Silver Soorsk, Katarina Yarochkina (RUS) Artist: Katri J. Decor: Kaido Torn Production: Maria Krinal,Terje Tamm, Kaspar Kast Dancers: 30 men

The sea. We use it to leave and we use it to come back. We explore, we forget. The sea is a road to something and to get away from something.

Usually the first ones to go, to explore, to forget are men, who usually are followed by women and children. They usually go as families and come back separately. In the performance “Men are dancing with the sea” the male dancers danced with the sea to understand how the man of the 21st century feels about the sea and what it means to them.

“us as a useless duet” 2016 Kanuti Gildi Saal Residency

Dancers: Catalina Insignares (COL), Barbara Lehtna

“us as a useless duet” is a danceperformance meant for two people. It is almost an unvisible duet for the two people, who are also performing it. It’s a project that consists of five sessions in five weeks and there is a special theme for every week. Five weeks is a long term dedication for many people and neither of us knows, what is about to happen: if the duet, we create together is something that we both want or need or if it’s going to be a just a dancing strugle. We dance together, but it’s not a dance research. It is not a creative exercise, it is a chance to lose yourself to dance and to dedicate to each other.

There are no photos of the performances, because the content of the performance belongs only to those who took part of the residency.

“Obstacle.Sculpting fear.” 2016 Vaba Lava

Director: Julian Hetzel (GER) Movement Development: Eva Susova, Miri Lee Produced by: SPRING Performing Arts Festival Utrecht Performers: Barbara Lehtna, Jaanika Arum, Laura Kvelstein, Eva Susova jt.

A series of public interventions that create a rupture in the accelerated flow of the city life. They proposes a temporary counter model by creating an interference through standstill. Obstacle is based on a very simple proposition: people lying on the floor.

With a group of about 10 local performers a series of images, body arrangements and compositions are created in the public space. These images are a challenge for the security and the public order since they generates an obstacle within the pulse of functional streets. Idleness, standstill and deliberate collapse are responses to progress, growth and acceleration. Everything is under control.

“Meditations” 2016 Viljandi Dance Week residency

Director: Barbara Lehtna Performers: Maria Krinal, Kaido Torn, Terje Tamm, Barbara Lehtna, Liga Rudzite, Indrek Kornel

This morning I came from yoga and took my prayer rug and prayed to Meka. After that I went to church and had a piece of Jesuses flesh. Next week I’m going to India and if I don’t use all of my money, the leftovers go to Jehova’s witnesses. I hope that I’ll experience enlightenment and if not, I could always come home and meditate.

The outcome of the residency was a showing, where it was discussed what, we Estonians, truly believe and why?

“Let’s go. Into the Soul. Palestine.” 2016 Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival

Director: Barbara Lehtna Dancers: Kaido Torn, Kamel Seif Production / interviews: Terje Tamm

A second installment of the performance “Let’s go. Into the Soul”, that premiered allready in 2014. Also this time we interviewed elderly people from Estonia, but as an adition, also the elderly from Palestine. We got toghether and we talked. We asked what do they regret, if all of their dreams have fulfilled and what do they dream about in their age. All of that information was put on stage with the help of two dancers – on Estonian, one Palestinian.

“A RAVE PERFORMANCE” 2016 Tallinn Independent Dance Stage

Performance: Barbara Lehtna, Indrek Kornel, Linda Vaher, Liga Rudzite, Maria Krinal, Kaido Torn, Sten Õitspuu Production: Barbara Lehtna, Terje Tamm

I’m jumping. Repeating rhythms. Repeating rhythms. Repeathing rhythms. A bright light hits my face – oh yeah, he put on the strobe. Dance off your head. „Hhey, have I everr told yhou, that I lhove yu?“, asks the random guy I’ve never met before. I say I’m sorry, but I’m not here for that. He asks: „Then why?“. I answer that I don’t know. I’m jumping. I’m jumping. I’m jumping. The beat is real and I’m real today. Today I fall and for the next couple of hours none of my problems, my joys and my worries will disappear. The beat. The beat. The beat.

Rave is an opportunity to dance till death. Rave is rhythm. Rave is something like an orgasm. Rave is trance. Rave is the third performance piece by Real Life Company.

Photo credit: Laura Arum-Lääts (Postimees)

“More than naked.Tallinn” 2015 Vaba Lava

Choreographer: Doris Uhlich (AUT) Dancers: Barbara Lehtna, Carmel Köster, Sveta Grigorjeva, Linda Vaher, Norbert Metstak, Jaana Heinsalu, Kerti Kass, Karolin Poska, Katrin Kubber, Mari-Liis Pruul, Kaie Küünal, Siim Tõniste, Kadri Sirel, Liisa Chrislin Saleh, Sigrid Savi, Viktor Aspel, Kaarel Kütas Producer: Theresa Rauter

Why would anyone undress on stage? What can a naked body say? What can twenty naked bodies say?

In more than naked, twenty naked dancers make their flesh wiggle, wobble, and crack. Their bodies slap against each other, sweating and snapping to dance floor hits and lavish sounds. Twenty people on stage are more than a group – they are a society. And this society sets itself in motion. As the movement unfolds, Doris Uhlich stands on stage, DJing to the whole event the motto being “Let’s party our body!” more than nakedmanages to bring to the stage nakedness free of ideology and provocation. Doris Uhlich was already occupied with making “her flesh” swing in her previous piece more then enough. In the process, she developed a fat-dance technique. more than nakedis a consistent continuation of this concern with body discourses, and it blasts away conventional ideas of body, dance, and nakedness with tremendous subversiveness.

Photo credit: Siim Vahur

“Peter and the wolf. Interpretation” 2015 Theatrefestival “Sirenos” (LT) Urbanfestival “UIT” (EST)

Choreographer: Rafal Dziemidok Production: Ewa Garniec Dancers: Barbara Lehtna, Linda Vaher, Jaan Ulst, Paulis Markevicius, Vilma Pitrinaite, Žana Gonžiar

Space specific danceperfromance in the public space that takes inspiration of the dialogue between the audience and the dancers. The original “Peter and the wolf” is more than just a has-been, it’s more of a material that is still living and breathing.

Photo credit: Dmitrijus Matvejevas

“Sail away (AND BACK)” 2015 Pärnu Outdoor Stage Opening performance of Open Sea Sailing EM

Director: Barbara Lehtna Choreographer: Annika Viibus Artist: Katri Järg

The opening performance on the European Championships in Sailing. The performance talked about adventure, coming back home and about those who wait for the wonderers to head back home.

“Illegal Dances” 2015 Pärnu market

Director: Barbara Lehtna Performers: Different dancers from various dance groups from Pärnu, Siim Tõnismäe, Kaido Torn


It is illegal to dance on the streets of Estonia. Real Life Company took a risk and still danced.

Photo credit: Evelin Belõi

“Kill the devil” 2015 Pärnu sea front

Director: Barbara Lehtna Choreographer: Annika Viibus Artist: Katri Järg Producer: Maria Krinal On stage: Annika Viibus ja 50 dancers

A performance about old myths about wolves, their place in Estonian mythology and the way the symbol has changed during different times.

Photo credit: Urmas Luik

“The moment I realized I was the best” (dedicated to all of the conservative parties of the world) 2015 International Performance Festival “Diverse Universe” Tallinn Art House, Pärnu Museum White Box

On stage: Barbara Lehtna, Helen Solovjev

The audience could see a morning ritual of a true concervative.

The prize of being original goes to the Estonian performers Barbara Lehtna nad Helen Solovjev, who could do something else in the genre than pour flour and paint on their heads.  – Mari Kartau, ERR

“Crazy Days” 2014 Museum of Modern Art in Pärnu

Authors/on stage: Barbara Lehtna, Sveta Grigorjeva Technical support: Maria Krinal

Jean Claude Van Damme is bi-polar Angelina Jolie has an imaginary friend Virginia Woolf was depressed Mary Cate Olsonil has anorexia Sofi Oksanen has bulimia Sveta Grigorjeva has reached to the conclusion that this world is not enough Barbara Lehtna has reached the conclusion that she doesn’t want to give up Sveta Grigorjeva and Barbara Lehtna have reached the conclusion that they are too healthy for this world

“Crazy days” was a performance where performance art, theatre, stand-up and contemporary dance met on one stage. The artists discussed how smart is to google your symptoms and how smart it is to diagnose your own braincancer.