Barbara Lehtna is a theatre maker (born in 23.03.90) who works within dance and physical theatre. She believes that physical and body-based stage language can be used to talk about contemporary topics when words fail. Her art practice is about performatively researching and understanding why certain processes in society happen and what is the internal logic behind human relationships and communication.



2019 “Together forever” | Independent Dance Stage | Tallinn, Estonia
2018 “SAUNA” | Art Museum of Estonia KUMU | Tallinn, Estonia
2018 “untitled:f” | performative video installation | Pärnu, Estonia
2017 „The stories of migration“ | performative light and sound installation | Urban spaces in Tartu, Tallinn and Pärnu, Estonia 2016  „Men are dancing with the sea“ | Sea Front  | Pärnu, Estonia
2016  „Let’s go to the soul. Palestine.“  | Ramallah Contemporary Dance festival  | Ramallah, Palestine
2016 „Meditations“  | Viljandi Dance Week festival  | Viljandi
, Estonia
2016 „A RAVE PERFORMANCE“  | Independent Dance Stage  | Tallinn, Estonia
2015 „Illegal Dances“   | New Theatre Festival „De Facto“  | Pärnu, Estonia
2014„Kill the Devil“  | Sea Front  | Pärnu, Estonia
2014 „Crazy Days“ (with choreographer Sveta Grigorjeva) | 
The Museum Of Modern Art | Pärnu
, Estonia



2018 “Coram Publico” | authors: Stephanie Felber (GER), Barbara Lehtna | Urban spaces in Tallinn, Estonia
2018 “Patterns of light” | director-choreographer Viesturs Meikšāns (LV) |The National Library of Latvia | Riga
, Estonia
2017 “Seismic Sessions” | choreographer Doris Uhlich (AUT) | Contemporary Dance Festival ImPulstanz | Vienna
, Austria
2017 “Distinguishing marks” | directors Chris Kondek (USA), Christiane Kühl (GER) | Vaba Lava theatre
 | Tallinn, Estonia
2017 “Habitat” | choreographer Doris Uhlich (AUT) | Donaufestival | Krems, Austria
2016 „Obstacle – sculpting fear“ | director Julian Hetzel (GER) | Vaba Lava theatre | Tallinn, Estonia
2015 „Petja and the wolf. Reinterpretation“  | choreographer Rafal Dziemidok (PL, USA) | Vilnius Sirenos Festival, Urban Festival „Uit“ | Vilnius, Lituania | Tartu, Estonia
2015-20..  „More than naked“ | choreographer Doris Uhlich (AUT) | Vaba Lava theatre
 | Tallinn, Estonia | Jerusalem, Israel | Basel, Switzerland (still touring)
2012 Barbara Lehtna & Orient Dance Theater „Freedom for sale, Palestine  


2019 “”MPT-ME”  | Estonian National Museum (ERM)
 | Tartu, Estonia
2019 “Hero”  | Tartu University Academic Sport Centre | Tartu, Estonia
2018 “XX” | Pallas University of Applied Sciences and Fine Arts | Tartu, Estonia
2017 „Mana“ | Estonian National Museum (ERM)
 | Tartu, Estonia



2019-2021 Theatre Practices MA | ArtEZ University of the arts  | Arnhem, Netherlands
2012-2015 Theology BA | Tartu University | Tartu, Estonia



2019 Member of Estonian Directors Union
2018-2019  Yearly resident of the Independent Dance Stage, Tallinn
2017, 2018  The artistic director of “August Insomnia – the night of arts” festival
2017  Participant of “Nomadic Art School”, International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus”, Latvia
2017  Dance residency at Sillamäe Urban Space with dancer Kaido Torn (EST)
2016  Residency at Kanuti Gildi Saal with Catalina Insignares (COL)
2016  Member of Estonian Dance Union
2015  Member of Estonian Stage Fighting Society
2014  Winner of Pärnu City Young Artist award 2012  Residency in Orient Dance Theatre, Palestine